Gaddafi jr. warns US of “another Iraq”

As the conflict in Libya between Libya’s national army and the coalition backed rebels continues the coalition countries are meeitng in a conference in London in which they attempted to discuss ways to resolve the situation. What’s interesting is that neither the official Libyan regime (ie. Gaddafi & sons) or any representatives of the rebels were invited to said conference (although apparently they have previously met with both US and UK representatives).

No clear solution has been presented so far but it would certainly seem that the stalemate will continue until the current regime steps down, however that might take a long time. If Gaddafi doesn’t go to exile there’s a chance that the country will remain split into two for a long time. The US apparently wants Gaddafi arrested and charged, either in Libya’s own court or perhaps in the international criminal court, which is slightly ironic taken as the US has not ratified its membership of the ICC – and neither is Libya.

However likely the most comedic and at the same time sad statement came from Gaddafi’s son, who in an interview to the BCC said something to the effect of “I don’t think the american people want yet another Iraq situation.” I find it hilarious because they have apparently stopped any attempts of defending their position and regime and instead are just trying to say: “you don’t want to eat us, we taste very bad.” Gaddafi himself has been pretty silent, acting like an angty teenager and complaning that  “you western countries just don’t understand me! Why does nobody understand me? Why do I have so so few friends and everybody keeps teasing me? :<”

Meanwhile apparently Gaddafi’s army has achieved some minor victories against the rebels whose “army” at the moment seems – based on the news footage – to consist primarily of groups of people driving around in white sedans with AK-47s – help is certainly needed*.

*UPDATE: In the conference Hillary Clinton said that it is possible that coalition countries could transfer weapons to the rebels at some point, although no such decission has yet been made, she also stated that “it is clear for everyone that Gaddafi has lost the legitimacy to lead.”


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